Anapolon is an incredibly powerful product for rapid muscle growth!


Like all Oxymetholone varieties, Anapolon has the ability to significantly improve muscle growth in a very short time. It is notably much more anabolic than testosterone and will dramatically increase overall size and strength. Anapolon is one of the most effective mass builders ever produced.


Anapolon increases the production of red blood cells, which will increase the oxygen level in the body during training. This gives you greater energy and endurance to shift heavier loads. A higher oxygen level will slow down your rate of fatigue.


With Anapolon, the muscle is more loaded and therefore contracts better. The body will also gain more elasticity, reducing greatly the risk of injury during intense exercises.


Potentially the most powerful anabolic agent on the planet, anapolon’s use is well justified amongst the bodybuilding community owing to its unsurpassed ability to increase size with a respectable emphasis on strength gains in the process.

Anapolon Steroids

We’ll provide you with a complete overview of how this substance functions, precisely what it is and how you can best implement it into your regime to achieve maximum results.

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What users says

I was six weeks under Anapolon and my results exceeded all expectations. The muscle growth was even more efficient than I imagined. It is true that there was a little water, but it is minimal compared to the water I had during my Dianabol treatment of two years ago. I am certainly going to take Anapolon again in the future.

I love Anapolon. The gains are incredible. Contrary to what some say, the gains are clean without counting the enormous PTO. I did not notice any side effects during my cycle, not even after 3 months.
-Sylvio Boiardi

Anapolon is undoubtedly the most powerful steroid I have used. I quickly gained weight, I couldn’t even believe it. If you want more mass, Anapolon is the best option. I love it; it will be part of my preparation for my next competition for sure.
- Damian BRANDT