Keeping Gains After An Anadrol Cycle

Maintaining Gains

Realistically, keeping your gains ties in perfectly with your diet as opposed to using any other substances to help cement them.

You’re going to be performing an effective PCT phase that will serve to raise hormone levels, thus assisting in the “solidification” of your physique via preservation, but it’s more about your dietary intake than anything else.

If you’re not eating cleanly (thus getting in all of the essential micro and macro nutrients) or adequately (taking in an abundance of calories), then you simply won’t keep the muscle you’ve worked so hard to develop.

This is a common problem amongst countless people who train and / or take steroids – they often begin their steroid ingestion because they didn’t take the time and effort to maximise their natural physiques first. As a result, they wanted faster results, without the hard work.

The problem with this is that the work arguably gets even harder whilst taking products like anadrol.

To use anabolic steroids successfully, you really need to know precisely what you’re doing; how to maximise them, how to ensure your safety whilst on them, and overall, how to tie everything together into an all-encompassing package that delivers your results.

This isn’t a “fast-track” concept, it’s one of dedication, knowledge and perseverance. This is why many people after taking the leap and using PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) simply don’t fulfil their true potential.

If you can lock your nutrition into place (as per the above guidelines) whilst training in the manner previously outlaid (and continuing to do so once the use of your substance has expired), then you’re guaranteed to stand the best chance of keeping as much muscle as humanly possible.

In conjunction with this dietary intake, a properly structured PCT phase would be mandatory to boost lean tissue preservation chances.