Anapolon Detection Time
(How To Pass Tests)

Anadrol has a detection time of 8 weeks in the system; this means that should you get tested at any point during this 8-week period, you’ll fail your test.

Obviously, those who take part in tested sports activity of any kind must make absolutely sure that they do not under any circumstances engage in a test within this time frame.

It would be best to leave an extra week or two outside of the testing “safety net” in order to guarantee that a negative result did not occur.

You should put some serious consideration into this aspect of taking anapolon – those who compete at a professional level may find that their careers come to an end following a positive test result.

OK, But I Really Need To Pass This Test, What Can I Do?

If you have chosen to run the gauntlet, the first thing to keep in mind is that while the tests are fail infallible, the testing methods are not. In fact anything that relies on people to collect information, samples, data etc can be manipulated. The only reason a lot of athletes aren’t using anabolic steroids is because they think there is a 100% chance they will get caught.

Don’t Overachieve
Obviously not every athlete can be tested and WADA has stated before that “high risk candidates” are either exceptional athletes or those who have displayed a marked improvement in either speed, size or strength. These athletes are placed into a special group, to be tested at least 3 times over a period of 18 months. By not being a consistent placeholder, there is a very good chance that you will be overlooked.

Only Take a Test You Know You Will Pass
If you’re competing professionally and under the scrutiny of anti-doping agencies, it’s in your best interest to know exactly how long the substances you are taking stay in your system. While this information is widely available online, there will be minor differences between different labs and your metabolic efficiency. Find out this information and use it to your advantage.

Cycle When You’re Not Competing
As you’re building most of your power and strength during the off-season, it’s also the perfect time to use anabolic steroids. The off-season gives athletes a perfect opportunity to run an advanced bulking cycle, and by doing your homework on your clean out window as mentioned above, you can still test clean by the time competition comes around.

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