Anapolon Positive Effects


The anadrol results you stand to experience will be immensely powerful in nature.

We’ll go over its many benefits, before moving onto the potential adverse issues you may encounter whilst using it in more detail, followed by best usage practice guidelines in the next chapter.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect To Achieve With Anapalon?

It’s not uncommon for users to gain anywhere between 20 – 30 lbs of mass within their first 6 week cycle whilst using this product. When compared to other products used in an off-season phase, dianabol is really the only comparable compound available for delivering such rapid results.

With that said, dianabol is going to provide a lower size “yield” in general. The potential anapolon muscle gains you’ll receive stand to be far greater than any other anabolic compound currently available.

In conjunction with this gain in mass, you can also expect to achieve:

  • Significantly increased strength levels
  • An increase in muscular recovery
  • An increase in red blood cell count

The Benefits of Anapolon

All of the above benefits make this substance particularly useful for both bodybuilders and strength athletes alike – it’s not going to be of much use for anyone taking part in a sporting scenario that doesn’t revolve around power output, but when used appropriately within the aforementioned confines, it’ll produce outstanding results.

To highlight the “anapolon vs dbol” debate once more, you’ll find that the mass you gain here (when using anadrol) does come at the cost of storing excess fat and water, surplus to that gained when integrating dianabol.

Furthermore, some believe that you can actually sustain the mass you gain far more easily when using dianabol. Mass ‘sustenance’ is really more about nutrition and correct PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) practices than anything else, but it could fairly be said that you’re not going to have as much “fluff” to cut out after using the latter compound.

On balance, though your mass will come with added “packaging” – you definitely stand to gain more lean tissue using anadrol when compared to dianabol. In terms of which one is right for you, it’s all about determining how rapidly you want to achieve your results, and of course how badly.

In regards to the strength benefits, some users have actually reported increases in their compound lifts of up to 40lbs within the first 30 days of use.

This power output capacity is highly significant to say the least, and is almost unparalleled by any other product.

This is precisely why it’s a popular compound amongst untested powerlifting and strongman competitors – it provides an enormous surge in strength whilst providing them with a larger “platform” to use for static lifting (though this could impair the cardiovascular components of a strongman event specifically).

Check out, for example, MyoGen’s variant – OxaGen 50 – and its mind blowing results when integrated in your cycle: an increase in red blood cell production and an improvement in the oxygen circulation, which both help to produce sustained mass gain and strength output.