Anapolon For Women

Why Anapolon Isn’t Advised for Women

When it comes to professional level female bodybuilding, almost no substance is off limits, meaning that highly androgenic compounds like anadrol are often used to achieve the necessary mass for winning competitions.

As discussed in the side effects section, any female who chooses to use this product is taking a tremendous risk in regards to adverse (and sometimes irreversible) androgenic issues.

Though these potential side effects can be controlled (within reason), it needs to be stated that they can never truly be “mastered”. As a woman, you’re going to need to accept that whilst you stand to gain a substantial amount of mass from using drol, it’s also going to come with a high risk of adverse issues arising.

Although steroid side effects are often greatly exaggerated, there is a huge learning curve with Anapolon, and it is not recommended for an inexperienced user due its extremely strong nature and potentially irreversible virilizing side effects, such as irregular periods, hair loss, deepening of the voice, clitorial hypertrophy, acne, increased body hair etc.

What’s good or bad, tolerable or intolerable, is entirely relative to the individual. Some women get amazing results on 25-30 mg/eod, however it needs to be taken with extreme care and total body awareness. Most female users of Anapolon are national or international competing athletes.

As previously stated, unless your mortgage depends on it, it’s simply best not to use it. There are many other compounds out there that are much, much easier to control.