Your Guide to Anapolon Cycles

Getting your oxymetholone dosage right is the most crucial component involved in taking this product, and is going to be absolutely vital in order to guarantee optimum results.

This is a fairly easy compound to understand from a dosage / cycle perspective; fairly easy in that it’s typically only ever going to be used for mass gaining (or it should be, bar for one possible exception that we’ll soon discuss.)

We’ll first provide an overview of a beginner’s anadrol cycle, before moving onto an intermediate and advanced cycle (all for gaining mass) before explaining how you may be able to use anadrol effectively for cutting with, in conjunction with some advanced techniques.

Beginner’s Anadrol Cycle

Throughout all cycle phases, both a SERM and an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) should be present. The AI should be kept as a “backup” in case estrogenic side effects arise in a prominent fashion, and the former supportive element should be present and integrated throughout the course of the cycle.

With the above in mind, a beginner’s cycle phase would look as follows:

Week Anadrol Testosterone enanthate Nolvadex
1-6 25mg per day 300mg per week 20mg per day
7-12 N/A 300mg per week 20mg per day

Many would deem the anadrol and testosterone dosage to be too low in this instance, but this cycle is based on the assumption that the user has very little anabolic experience and / or tolerance.

With this in mind, it always makes more sense to run on the low side the first time around to assess tolerance rather than risk running a higher intake. Too many anabolic users in the modern days definitely have the “bigger, stronger, harder and faster” mindset – they want everything, and they want it yesterday.

As a result, there are literally millions of people overdosing, or even worse, recommending what they deem to be “acceptable” doses to others, leading to them subsequently doing the same thing. No one with knowledge or sense would recommend that anybody running a compound for the very first time would integrate it in the same dosage range as those of an intermediate or advanced level.

There’s simply no telling how your body will react; it’s better to treat the first cycle as a “test” run, whilst still achieving some respectable results. We’ll shortly outlay the best PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) practices following the final cycle information section so that you can successfully come “off” anadrol too.

Intermediate Anadrol Cycle

For the intermediate anadrol cycle, we’re going to combine anadrol with testosterone (as per the beginner’s cycle) and deca to produce an excellent “rapid” acting surge of growth, that is then cemented over the course of 12 weeks through the combination of deca and testosterone.

This particular cycle looks as follows:


Week Anadrol Deca Testosterone enanthate Nolvadex
1-6 50mg per day 400mg per week 100mg per week 20mg per day
7-12 N/A 400mg per week 100mg per week 20mg per day


The reason why we have specifically stated that testosterone enanthate must be used, is that we’re assuming the user has run at least one testosterone-only cycle in the past, thus having developed a tolerance for the base compound. Should a testosterone-only cycle never have been performed before, then it would never be advised that an individual move onto anadrol (or deca for that matter.)

Testosterone should be considered as the first “testing” mechanism for any anabolic user, and until one isolated cycle has been performed, no other substances should be integrated. If you’ve run a cycle with the base compound before (without facing any adverse issues), then you are free to proceed onto the use of testosterone enanthate. Enanthate variants “digest” at a slower rate than the “basic” version of their base compound.

As such, any side effects that manifest would be sustained for a longer period within the system. This is why assessing initial tolerance is mandatory. Those who are “ready” will enjoy the benefit of having to administer the enanthate version at a lower frequency than the propionate version, so the arguably added “risk” is certainly matched with an equal reward.

Advanced Anadrol Cycle

This cycle should only ever be followed by the most experienced anabolic steroid users out there owing to the highly powerful nature of the stack of products on offer. You’ll be combining trenbolone acetate with anadrol, and testosterone propionate. This powerful combination will run for a period of 8 weeks – enough time for every substance included to perfectly synergise and “mature” the muscles. Anadrol will provide the initial surge of growth, whilst trenbolone will serve as the perfect platform for not only cementing, but further developing the lean mass anadrol has served to instigate.

The presence of testosterone propionate (a shorter acting variant than enanthate that is perfectly suited to an 8 week “short release” cycle whilst optimising anabolic potency) will serve as the “glue” that binds it all together, thus ensuring that all three substances can establish what is arguably the most powerful anabolic platform for the development of rapid, yet sustainable mass money can buy.


This advanced cycle should look as follows:
Week Anadrol Testosterone propionate Trenbolone acetate Nolvadex
1-8 100mg per day 100mg per week 400mg per week 20mg per day


Provided you integrate your SERM and have an AI on hand throughout the course of this advanced cycle, your level of safety will be optimum. Please be aware that side effects are fairly likely owing to the tremendous power on offer by both anadrol and trenbolone – you’ll need to use your AI in the event that any potent estrogenic side effects (gynecomastia, for instance) occur. Equally as likely are potent androgenic issues. Should either manifest (and you have used your AI to no avail in regards to estrogenic issues), you should immediately consult with a GP for further guidance.


PCT Guidelines

Just as important as your intra cycle therapy is your post cycle therapy window. This all-important phase is going to help restore your testosterone production to natural levels whilst ideally eradicating the remnants of any adverse issues and safeguarding against any buildup that may have developed.

You need to maximise both your LH production (Luteinizing Hormone) and FSH production (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) – both are absolutely vital for the release of testosterone.

These hormones respectively serve to increase testosterone production from the interstitial cells of the testicles in conjunction with testicular growth and the production of a specialist type of androgen “friendly” protein (it binds to androgen) in the Sertoli cells. You’ll find that Nolvadex prioritises LH production, and Clomid priorities FSH production – the combination of these two products will provide the perfect basis you need to make a full recovery.

In regards to when to start your PCT – when using longer acting compounds (test enanthate and deca for instance) as part of your cycle, you will need to integrate your first dose 14 days after your last product administration. When using shorter acting compounds (i.e trenbolone acetate and testosterone propionate) you should start your PCT 3-4 days after your last administration.


Your PCT plan should look as follows:
Week Nolvadex Clomid
1-2 40 mg per day 100 mg per day
3-4 20 mg per day 50 mg per day
5-6 20 mg per day N/A


You should realistically get a blood check performed immediately after your PCT has ended, then again a month or so after to see whether or not your hormone levels have reached their optimal natural level again.

Blood checks should become a regular part of your cycling in general as they are a great means of picking up on irregularities / deficiencies. They provide the perfect means of detecting any potentially adverse issues as early as possible.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) may be used during a PCT phase to help elevate LH production potently in its own right. Should you choose to utilise this substance, it’s important that you adhere to the above guidelines in terms of the 3-4 or 14-day window after the final administration of your products.

Once you have done this, you should implement this product at a dose of 500 – 1000 i.u’s per day for a total period of 10 days. You must use this product on its own, before then integrating your nolvadex and clomid immediately after your last administration of HCG in the above laid out format.

Anapolon And Cutting

You’d think immediately that oxymetholone 50mg pills would have no place within the framework of a cutting cycle, and for the most part you’d be completely right – save for one scenario.

Some high level bodybuilders like to integrate anadrol for a small time frame during the window immediately preceding their competition. This will typically coincide with their carb “re-feed” before comp day, in an effort to achieve the “fullest” looking appearance possible. This both makes sense and is a contradictory course of action at the same time. When performing a cut, it’s true that you’re going to look fairly deflated towards the end due to a lack of glycogen – it’s completely unavoidable in fact.

This means that a high carbohydrate intake is necessary before the competitor stands on stage, as this will fill the muscles with glycogen, thus making them “swell” again despite the individual’s body fat level being low. Some theorise that anadrol’s “inflation” properties perfectly synergise with this enhanced “swelling” of the muscles.

Before considering this advanced “tactic” yourself though, consider that anadrol is very likely to lead to water retention in conjunction with this size increase. Storing any water whatsoever is the last thing any competitor wants before stepping out on stage; getting your dose right pre-contest would be vital to ensure that you didn’t “spill” over. You should start by integrating 25mg per day during your first “test” pre-contest window, before moving on to 50mg per day the next time, should all go smoothly.

You could implement a product called lasix during your usage period on a cut (and a bulk in conjunction with the other tips shared previously), as it is a great means of reducing water retention. In regards to the usage time frame, you could use anadrol for between one to two weeks pre-contest to help develop your “fullness” optimally. Some actually choose to run anadrol all the way through their cutting phase, believing that it helps to keep them “full” throughout.

Realistically, one must consider the true purpose of a cut; it is intended to reduce body fat whilst preserving muscle mass. With this in mind, the desire to maintain a “full” appearance may appeal to you from a psychological perspective, but you need to ask yourself whether or not it’s actually serving any purpose for you. There are many other compounds out there that are well suited to both muscle protection and reduction of body fat – drol is regarded as being a fairly strong metabolic enhancer, but there are other options available that are arguably better suited to this end result.

Equally, other compounds can preserve lean mass without the negative sides that this particular compound has to offer. Another aspect to consider is your ability to monitor progress. Whilst cutting, it’s important that your condition can be monitored to a minute degree on a daily basis – should any aspect of your muscular visibility be hindered (and with overstated “inflation”, it definitely would be), then how could you realistically know whether or not you were achieving the “cut” appearance you were truly looking for?

You need to be able to discern which areas are advancing, and which ones are still lagging behind / need more work in order to fully emphasise the shredded and symmetrical appearance you’re looking for. Certain categories (classic bodybuilding, for example) would likely accommodate this compound and the fuller appearance it can provide, but for the majority of competitors it would simply mask their true appearance to the point that it hindered their results.

You’ll find many people who disagree with this train of thought simply because they have used it themselves, but you need to ask yourself A: if this person is at a professional level, and B: how well they place in their competitions, plus, consider their physicality against yours; it’s possible that their frame could “absorb” the effects of drol, but it’s unlikely that 99.9% of the gym going world could “wear” its effects so well. In short, unless you’re at Mr Olympia level with a ridiculous level of fat free mass and a super low body fat percentage – you’re incredibly unlikely to enhance your cut using anadrol.