Injectable Anapolon

Whilst it is by no means common, injectable anadrol does in fact exist.

The 17-aa steroids

It should be noted that it is not “officially” available, and this is largely because it is deemed “reckless” to try and convert a 17-aa steroid into an injectable format.

17-aa steroids simply aren’t designed for injectable administration, hence why they are formed as pills in the first place. As such, any injectable variant of this product you find is going to be far from being safe.

You’d be fairly surprised in regards to what is actually available in an injectable format – almost every oral steroid you can think of has been illicitly “adapted” for this kind of use. Allegedly, the injectable variant of anadrol is “more” powerful, but this is highly unlikely.

Effects of Injectable Anapolon

A substance is a substance (literally, on a molecular level, the unique “identification” blueprint of each supplement simply dictates that they are all going to provide the same series of results, regardless of how fast or slow “digesting” they are in the system or the manner in which they are administered”), and as such, you could possibly attain the same results using this variant when compared to the oral version, but it’s highly unlikely that they would in any way be enhanced.

What is crucial when gauging the effectiveness of a product is the concentration of the product. Should your item be in any way underdosed, this would immediately dictate that you would not achieve the desired benefit.

Another point to consider: it was allegedly an “experimental” version of liquid anadrol (administered via injection) that ultimately served to determine Dan Duchaine’s kidney failure. This by no means dictates by default that injectable anadrol is lethal, but it may create an enhanced negative effect within the body.