In our online steroid-shopping experience, we’ve discovered that only very few stores are willing to support you right from your entry into their websites to the final exit. Yes, most will lure you to initiate a transaction but then skedaddle when things go south. This is why once we found one that seemed to care for our needs even when we kept bothering them with questions demands, we decided to stick with it to date. As such, meet 2 Get Mass, our most trusted Anapolon supplier. This is a reputable online store from whom we’ve shopped for the past four years now, and frankly, we’ve cherished every second of it. Why?

We describe our real user experience below;

Here’s the top-quality variant of Anapolon that we buy from 2 Get Mass

Intuitive Web Design

Imagine this scenario: You visit a website and what greets you is a clean interface with a clear direction to any section/page you want to access. What do you think will be the first impression that forms in your mind of such a site? Seamless, I presume. Now, 2 Get Mass ensures your navigation experience is smooth with minimal hitches while at it. Every of its element is intelligently crafted to be super responsive.

While finding your desired bodybuilding product, you can use the search button, navigate to the brand page, or simply use the “Treatment” drop-down menu. In our instance, we always prefer to go with the latter so that we can discover many other products the store offers and which are relevant to our situation. Thanks to the designers, we feel it is an excellent exploration opportunity for newbies and experienced bodybuilders alike.

Easy Shopping Experience

Having found your product and clicked on it, the site’s system opens a web page where you can read either a summary of product description or the detailed part. Also, it is at this point that you get to know whether your product is in stock or not. We found this feature to be particularly very useful since you don’t have to first create an account to learn about the availability of the item you want to buy. It saves you a lot of time especially when you are purchasing multiple products.

You can also edit the number of items you want before finally proceeding to the ordering section.

Secure Payment

At the point of sale, you can either use a voucher code or just create an account; here, you need to enter your personal details and select your preferred payment methods. Creating an account on this online steroid store takes less than five minutes, or at least that’s the much time it took us.

2 Get Mass offers you numerous payment methods including bank transfers, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, and Online Monogram using credit/debit cards. We found this variety of options super convenient for us.

Choose from any of the many payment options offered by 2 Get Mass

Extra Swift Shipping

In our four years of dealing with 2 Get Mass, our orders took, on average, less than 72 hours to reach us. However, what even impresses us the most is their insurance policies whose subscription is both cheap and reliable. Once you subscribe to it, you can rest assured that you’ll get compensation should your package get lost, confiscated, or damaged while in transit. I remember losing an Anapolon package worth over $600 a couple years ago. I almost lost my mind when I learned about it but calmed down when the support team at 2 Get Mass reminded me that I had taken an insurance for the batch and would, therefore, get my package in a few days. True to their word, my package reached me 2 days later.

This store also allows you to track your item in real-time and even contact the ever-approachable customer support when faced with unusual delays.

You won’t need to wait for ages to have your Anapolon shipped to you


If a supportive, legitimate, competitive, and affordable steroid supplier matters most to you, then 2 Get Mass will suffice. It has never felt this safe purchasing Anapolon anywhere else, and we think that’s the kind of feeling you so much crave. So, welcome aboard and begin a sure journey of transformation today.

Our Rating

  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process - 95
  • Prices and products - 97
  • Customer service - 96
  • Cycle and Products advice - 98
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery - 99
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is... - 93


2 Get Mass is an experienced, supportive, secure, and competitive e-commerce site ready to give you a firsthand opportunity to experience exemplary products and services every time you need to buy Anapolon or other bodybuilding products online.

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