Let’s face it, finding a genuine steroids store that helps you push your body past its limits is never an easy task for anyone. Luckily for you, we’ve tried and tested one of the top online stores for Anapolon and other bodybuilding products by the name Atlasroids. Like most shoppers, we first had an encounter with this online shop at the Eroids forum whereby we were attracted by the numerous rave reviews it was getting there. That was a couple years ago. We decided to make our next Anapolon purchase from there. The first impression was excellent and so has been the journey all along.

So, what makes this trusted Anapolon supplier stand out from the rest? We give our honest review and experience below.

Order this high-quality variant of Anapolon from Atlasroids

Outstanding Web Organization

The first thing you notice on the landing page of this site is the modern and aesthetic touch added to it. Not only are the images displayed here incredibly refined but are also very clear. What’s more? You can clearly comprehend what a product does before you even navigate to the description page. Also, cruising from one web page to the other is a breeze courtesy of the procedural alignment of the connecting elements.

Incredible Flash Sales

One of the standout features of Atlasroids is the amazing flash sales it offers randomly to visitors. But what exactly do these kinds of sales entail? Well, put simply, you get a rare opportunity to buy some of the most demanded products on the platform at nearly half their regular prices for a limited period. As you can see, it’s growing apparent that Atlasroids is not stopping at anything short of appeasing its potential customers. The main reason they introduced these sales was to reward their fast-growing customer base whereby they give them discounts other competitors can hardly match. Hopefully,  you too can get a lucky deal when you visit the store.

Take advantage of these random discounts that Atlasroids offers occasionally

Treatment Advice Section

Let’s admit it, the use of steroids is not always a smooth road. Occasionally, you’re bound to encounter a few bumpy experiences here and there. We have this friend of ours who buys Winstrol on the regular. As most of you know, the recommended delivery to the body for this anabolic is via an injection; of course, this can be somewhat painful especially when you make it a routine. So, when we told him of the amazing experience at Atlasroids, he decided to make his next purchase there. It was during his explorations that he discovered the treatment advice section. This page offers a special form that visitors can fill in personal and workout details as well as any concerns they may be having regarding bodybuilding. After explaining his case, the team of experts at Atlasroids offered him several tips that he could incorporate into his cycle. A few days later, he reached out thanking us for directing him to this online store. You could tell how elated he was to experience the much-needed relief that had evaded him for so long.

You hardly finds an online store ready to offer such kind of service for free today

Clear Product Descriptions

Another thing we loved about Atlasroids was the style in which they described their products. In our case, Anapolon has a brief summary adjacent to its images. Besides, there’s a conveniently positioned button right beneath the description which we use when adding the item to the shopping cart during shopping. Further below,  you’ll find a more detailed description which gives you even more scientific details regarding this supplement’s composition and even how it works. Certainly, a laudable job is being done by the content managers of this site!

Convenient Checkout

While on the checkout section, there is an option to remove or add other items we may need for our package. This allows us to either drop surplus items perhaps when we realize we’re short of money or add more to the cart. At this point, customers with active discount coupons can also apply them here.

Another thoughtful feature you’ll find on Atlasroids is the subtotal calculator which helps you approximate the total amount it will cost you to have your package reach you. All that you’re required to enter is your location after which it calculates your charges based on what you have in your cart.

Account Management and Payment

Returning customers have the liberty to use their previously created accounts or reset their credentials when they can’t recall them. For new clients, the process is dead simple. Basically, you only need to enter your identification info and your preferred payment mode. You can pay using Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram or Bitcoin.  Admittedly, all these are secure and convenient methods.

Pay for your steroids on Atlasroids using any of the above methods

Discreet Shipping and Packaging

First, the packaging is discreetly wrapped using a high-quality material. This helps to make it difficult for authorities to sniff or tamper with your packages. Secondly, Atlasroids insures you against various scenarios such as confiscation, loss, or even damage of goods while in transit. On a single occasion, our Anapolon package was confiscated. We kept our cool and contacted their customer support representatives. All they requested was a screenshot of the tracking section on our account; they then reshipped the item which took only two days to reach us. The best part? They charged us no additional fee for the same. We were truly humbled by this warm gesture!


The services you get at Atlasroids are outright commendable. Not only do you receive quality products every time you purchase steroids online from them but also get great support from their caring support team. To be fair, it’s quite difficult to come across such a credible and transparent store in this day. Needless to say, this is a store we’d recommend to you any day any time especially when looking to buy Anapolon online!

Our Review

  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process - 95
  • Prices and products - 96
  • Customer service - 95
  • Cycle and Products advice - 94
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery - 97
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is... - 95


Interact with Atlasroids, a reliable online steroids supplier that’s here to see you through any bodybuilding hurdles and push your body past the limits. This company sells tested, high-quality Anapolon and is one of the best stores globally where you can buy this powerful injectable anabolic.

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