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Looking for a reputable online steroid store to innocuously kickstart your bodybuilding journey? Allow us to introduce you to one of the world beaters as far as bodybuilding supplies are concerned- This is a mega online steroid shop that sells original products, is trusted by thousands around the world, and has the zeal to walk you through that seemingly tough bodybuilding process.

So why Upsteroid? Here’s we outline a summarized review of the store and our experience buying Anapolon from them.

Upsteroid sells this high-quality Anapolon from Meditech

Fantastic Reviews

On the face of it, Upsteroid has sold its name widely if its excellent reputation is anything to go by. Ever since we began using supplements, we’ve signed up with numerous bodybuilding user platforms. Surprisingly, in every forum we join, this store’s professionalism and good reputation seem to be among the hot topics being discussed there. In fact, this played a very key role when we first decided to try out their products. Luckily for us, everything has been all good and smooth and the reason we’re here affirming our utmost satisfaction in Upsteroid services.
Upsteroid has some glowing reviews on TrustPilot

Smooth Web Experience

One thing we love about Upsteroid is the continuous effort their team puts in to sustain a user-friendly web interface. There’s no fuss in piloting through various pages and all links work as they should. Also, we’ve noticed that there’s never a downtime as is the norm with most competitors’ websites. That uptime reliability coupled with the super-fast page loading speeds makes the surfing experience here superb.

Content-Rich Blog

Your bodybuilding journey can never be complete without a place you can seek guidance whenever you encounter challenges or simply want to learn. And for this, Upsteroid has done a terrific job whereby it hosts a modern blog on its expansive website. In this valuable resource, you’ll find a huge number of highly researched articles that are constantly updated with fresh content to ensure they remain evergreen. Notably, all the articles we’ve read here are original and of really high-quality, just the products it supplies. It’s such a rare combination!

Delivery Gallery (and Discounts)

Who would have ever thought that providing delivery testimonials for an online store could trigger a discount for subsequent purchases? Well, Upsteroid has this rare tradition of giving 10% discounts to all users who share pictures of their delivered packages.

As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to post ours once we got hold on our package. And just like that, we were eligible for this well-thought-out incentive. Unbelievably, that little effort got us a whopping 10% slash off our next purchase.

Get a 10% discount every time you post your package from Upsteroid

Pricing and Payment

For a while now, we’ve been regular customers of Anapolon; however, as far we’ve explored, we’ve hardly come across an online store that sells authentic supplement at reasonable prices like Upsteroid does. Of course, most of those that deal with sham products beat them on this. But who goes for fakes to save a dollar anyway?

To purchase any item here, the website requires you to have an account through which you can send any information regarding your orders. It is during the account creation process that you gets to specify their preferred payment mode. Here, you can use Bank transfers, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, or the Western Union. For us, the Bitcoin suffices as we always want to keep our identity anonymous.

Shipping and Customer Service

Unless you live under a rock, Upsteroid will deliver the product right at your doorstep. And while their shipping rates are not the cheapest, they are by far very effective on delivery. They never rest until your package is safely sheltered under your roof.

Usually, the order will arrive in less than three days. At one point, however, we experienced an uncommon delay until we were forced to contact the customer support. Luckily, they responded very fast and even suggested we issue them our merchant ID to hasten the resolution process. In less than a day, our package arrived which was by all standards very impressive.

High-Quality Products

If you regularly use Anapolon, then you understand how difficult it can be to obtain a strong dose or even fit it in your workout routine. Upsteroid offers the best quality alongside detailed usage instructions for maximum results. What’s more? Their ever listening customer support and a team of experts are always on standby to answer any queries or challenges you might endure in your bodybuilding journey.

Wrap Up

As you’ve probably already seen by now, Upsteroid is a very serious company when it comes to matters business. Your satisfaction is their ultimate business. They work day and night to remain relevant, dependable, and authentic. This explains why their popularity never wavers.

Make them your best friend and watch your bodybuilding goals come to fruition!


  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process - 97
  • Prices and products - 95
  • Customer service - 98
  • Cycle and Products advice - 91
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery - 99
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is... - 93


Upsteroid is a first-class, global e-commerce site that specializes in supplying natural and affordable bodybuilding supplements. This company is one of the most trusted suppliers of Anapolon with an anti-counterfeit to ensure you receive only original products.

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