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Despite looking harmless on the surface, Crazy Bulk is one of the relatively new online steroid stores that has specialized in selling counterfeit products. To skin this reality, the website designers have embellished the interface and made the purchasing process incredibly easy and fast. Now, your nightmare begins when your order arrives and your desired results fail to come.

Here are some of the key findings from our scrutiny of this fake online store, both from our own experience as well as those of fellow bodybuilders. We learned about the site from Eroids where we found mixed reviews over its legitimacy.

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Shopping Experience

Like most modern online vendors, Crazy Bulk has a fully accessorized store with a neat outlook and high definition images. Additionally, the site is hosted on a secure server to give this false impression of security and legitimacy. However, apart from the aforementioned aspects, everything about it is awful from the fake products they sell to unsuspecting buyers to delays in delivering packages. Of course, we knew this and couldn’t proceed with making an Anapolon order with them.

Notice that this product doesn’t contain Oxymetholone, the primary compound of Anapolon…fake products!

Poor Customer Support

Crazy Bulk offers a live interactive interface which allows you to communicate to a customer care in real time. We wanted to test how responsive they are and so posted a query inquiring about one of their featured products by the name Gynectrol which is meant to treat man boobs (gynecomastia). However, we were not convinced with its ingredients and so we wanted to know exactly how it worked. The conversation between us and the customer representative was intense. Instead of addressing our fears in a professional manner, he chose to be defensive and even swore to us that its results would surpass our expectations once we tried it. What a lame way to handle potential customers?

We quickly departed and headed to the more trustworthy 2 Get Mass where we ordered our Anapolon package. Later we consulted fellow bodybuilders who cautioned us against ever returning to that fishy shop in future.


It is incredibly worrying when steroid suppliers masquerade as legit only to end up delivering sham products and decieving unsuspecting consumers. Crazy Bulk has grown to become one such scam site. As such, consider approaching them cautiously or avoid them altogether. From our experience, there’s no shortage of legit shops where you can buy Anapolon online including top stores such as Super Steroid and 2 Get Mass among others


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Looking to purchase high-quality, authentic, and reliable Anapolon or any other bodybuilding products? Avoid Crazy Bulk, a company that masquerades as a legit vendor but supplies fake products. Click here to learn more about it.

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