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While marketing is the success backbone of every product, some entities use the concept for all the wrong reasons. Case and example is Int Basicstero, a self-proclaimed supplier of Pharmacom steroids but whose reputation in various bodybuilding circles is suspect. To counter this, this company changes its terms too often and also advertises fake promotional programs, all in an attempt to redeem itself from that tainted past and in the process lure more consumers. The result? Hundreds of disgruntled customers. It’s not surprising that most of its exports are eventually banned and confiscated by various customs authorities.

Here, we describe exactly what to expect when you visit this bogus site.


We only found this one variant of Anapolon on Int Basicstero; however, we couldn’t verify it’s manufacturer’s reputation

Scam Promotional Offers

Int Basicstero operates from three warehouses: one located in the USA, one in Europe, and the last an International store whose location remains unknown.

We wanted to purchase Anapolon in bulk when we landed on their international website. Although on the surface the site looks decent and apparently has excellent reviews on Eroids, their discounts, referral, and loyalty programs all look dubious. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t heed to these tell-tale signs at first and thus still went ahead to make a purchase from them. We were in for a rude shock.

We loaded our shopping cart with goods worth $1000 which according to their carriage policies qualified for free shipping. We proceeded to the checkout area, supplied our credit card info, and waited for the billing to take place. At this juncture, everything was working as we expected.

We then headed to the shipping info section and here we met our first surprise. As aforementioned, we had already paid for the goods. Therefore, reversal wasn’t an option for us. You can imagine the look on our face when we learned that first-time shoppers were not eligible for the free shipping offer. We contemplated abandoning the goods but then that would mean our money would go to waste.

We became victims of this fake offer

Hostile Customer Support

We thought contacting the client’s representative would ease things. We emailed them and shortly got a response advising that that was their company’s policy and that there was nothing they could do including reversing our money as we had suggested. When we pressed further, we were ignored which left us with no choice but to pay for shipping.

High Shipping Costs

Despite spending quite a fortune for our Anapolon package, our request to have Int Basictero waive our shipping costs fell on deaf ears. In the end, we paid more than we would have spent on more popular and trusted online steroid shops such as 2 Get Mass or Atlasroids for the same goods. As if that wasn’t enough, we had to wait for two solid weeks before receiving the first batch of the order. The second one was confiscated by port authorities who cited illegality. We later came to know that it was their packaging that wasn’t discreet enough. We tried following up to no avail. And since it was an uninsured arrangement, we were forced to absorb the losses.

Numerous Complaints

We posted our experience on the popular Think Steroids forum. To our amazement, there were tens of past customers of Int Basicstero who also admitted to being victims of the scam promotional program. Others told us that they also didn’t receive the referral discounts when they invited their friends to shop there.


It is very unprofessional when online stores entice consumers using offers only to later introduce hidden conditions when they get hold of the money. If you’re looking for more affordable alternatives where you can buy Anapolon online, then consider getting them in wholesale from top sites such as Atlasroids or Super Steroid among other. Otherwise avoid this cheat Int Basicstero at all costs!


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Int Basicstero is the worst online steroid shop for purchasing Anapolon in bulk. From its fake promotional offers to the lousy customer treatment, this is a store worth avoiding. Take a look at this honest review whereby we describe our awful experience with them.

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